Load text from an office file like .docx .xlsx .odt .ods on the command line with the free Open Source tool Swiss File Knife

sfk oload in.docx +...

load office file content as plain text,
for easy display or further processing.

about line wrapping

- when sending to a command that expects
  text lines like
     sfk oload in.xlsx +filter ...
  then long lines or stream text will be
  hard wrapped at 4096 characters.

- when sending to stream capable commands
  like xed and xex data is not wrapped.

   -utfout  keep raw UTF-8 encoding on output, to use it
            with further commands requiring UTF-8 data.
   -raw     get raw xml data, for content analysis.
            implies -utfout.

see also
   sfk help office  supported office file types
   sfk xex          extract phrases from text
   sfk ofilter      get lines from office file

   sfk oload in.docx
      display contents of a .docx word file
   sfk oload in.xlsx
      display spreadsheet table data as plain text
   sfk oload in.xlsx +filter -+foo
      get all lines with 'foo' from a table
   sfk oload in.docx +xex "/foo**bar/"
      extract multi line blocks from a word file
      starting with foo and ending with bar
   sfk oload in.xlsx +filt -no-empty-lines +tabtocsv
      get records from a table, drop empty lines,
      then convert from tabs to comma separated data.
   sfk oload -raw in.docx +xmlform +view
      reformat and display xml content using dview.